About The Outlaw

Well, where do I start? Let’s start with the donor bike. A 1340 low mileage Shovel Lowrider. I stripped her down and kept the engine and transmission. I started building the frame in my rotating jig which is used to allow me to weld all parts in the jig. Some frame builders weld most parts of it outside the jig which can cause it to distort if you put too much heat in one place.

Anyway, I started to build the frame using one and three quarter seamless D.O.M. tube. I pulled apart the shotgun and re-inforced inside the barrels with two solid bars which were tigged onto the headstock then the gun slid on. I then welded the barrel to the headstock. You can see I’ve carried out other parts of the frame different to the norm. All Brackets etc; have been hand made.

Anyway, that’s enough about the frame.  I could go on and on… I then mocked the bike up, fitted the engine transmission, inner primary, primary etc; and all the other bits I needed so that when I sent it to be painted, I knew everything would fit when it came back. You don’t want to be welding bits on or drilling holes on new paintwork.

Then the fun bit came.. putting it together. I wanted the bike to look old school so all the brass work, which was hand made apart from the headlight, grips and leavers which were adapted were toned down. As you can see they are inverted levers. I spent hours getting all the shiny brass to look ald with ammonia and put it in the oven after being in vinegar etc; I then gave it all a few coats of wax. Even the brass braided sleeving.

About The Engine

I stripped the engine and shot blasted the cases and barrels. The cases, oil pump, heads and all other aluminium parts were professionally coated with Cerakote. This is a very durable ceramic coating used on things like military guns. The aluminium parts were finished in clear and the barrels in satin black. I have balanced the crank with new rods, pistons, bearings etc, re-built the heads with new parts and put the old girl back together. The four speed transmission was fine so I changed the oil and cleaned it up. 

Wheels & Exhausts

The wheels are old Harley Sportster drum brake wheels. I wanted a 16″ front and rear but the Sportster front is a 19″ so I had the drum taken out and put in a 16″ rim. The exhausts were hand made and, as you can see, the stop tail lights are in the ends. The exhausts have been blanked off and exit further down the pipe.

The Extra Details

The forks are the old school leafers, like the Indians used to have. I love ’em!

Well I could go on and on… The pre-war bayonet in the front wheel mechanism, the pre-war cannon cartridge I’ve adapted to fit over the starter, fitting the coils in the inner primary (don’t try this unless you are really confident or you will take a trip over the handlebars) This summary is quite brief really – The hours of work that have been put into it run into the hundreds.