Here at Outlaw Customs we pride ourselves on building and delivering the bike of your dreams. We listen closely to our customers on what they would like to achieve as we can appreciate how frustrating it can be to have an idea but not always achieve it. Our aim is to turn your dreams into a reality and create something unique in the process.

All of our custom frames are built in a rotating jig and the reason for this is that the whole frame can be welded before it is taken out of the jig. A lot of frame builders build their frames on a flat surface and only weld the bits they can get to. The rest of the frame is then welded outside of the jig which can lead to distortion which you would never want around the steering neck tube for instance.

Our frames are tig (not mig) welded and, in our opinion, a frame should never be mig welded. Our tig welding has been UKAS tested by a Zurich Laboratory which means it has been sent to a lab and undergone inspection to test its strength in various ways. The metal we use for our frames is the highest specification and we do not use tube with a seam in and will only use seamless D.O.M. tube.

All engine mounts are extremely strong including the top engine mount as you would not want any movement which could put a strain on the inner primary, especially on an Evo engine where the engine and transmission are separate. We have found that many bike builders in the past will end up either shimming the engine mounts or the transmission mount as one is usually out of line with the other. So, if you put your engine and transmission in and inner primary on then tighten down the engine and transmission, it would put a massive strain on the inner and outer primary.

We hope this gives you an insight as to what we are about here at Outlaw Customs and if you would like us to design you a frame, build one to your specifications or if you are looking for a custom bike to be built for you we will endeavour to meet your needs in every way possible.